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Huvafen Fushi



Early morning, the aroma of fresh-ground Arabica awakens your senses. In the evening, the faint aroma of piquant curry spices drifts on the ocean breeze. International cuisine at our partial over water venue. Dining against a backdrop of sparkling seas. Celsius tantalises the palate with a selection of flavours for breakfast and dinner.


A grove of coconut trees sighs overhead. A patchwork quilt of shade caresses the sand. A wood-fired oven crackles and the warm glow of firelight falls softly. Irresistible aromas fill the air. Forno gives you an array of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine in a casual beachside setting under the shade of the palms. Artisanal pizzas, handmade pastas, imaginative fusion. Lunch brought to new levels. Weekly live cooking shows designed to delight. Culinary indulgence by the boundless sea.


Huvafen Fushi’s signature restaurant entices the senses. Discover Japanese dining with a Latin influence in a relaxed Izakaya-style dining, poised overwater. Uncover the epicurean secrets of Salt as the sun dips below the horizon. A dinnertime must. Incredible dishes shared over serene waters. Salt infuses the Japanese gastropub concept with Latin inspiration. Each dish is prepared using the finest quality ingredients. Simple yet exquisite presentation, in true Huvafen Fushi style.


Set over a pale blue lagoon, uninterrupted ocean panoramas. 100% raw, organic, wholesome food in a relaxed bistro-style setting. Invigorating juices and freshly handpicked ingredients from the chef’s garden. Lean and clean selections for a healthy lunch. Paired with glittering views of the Maldives.


Eight metres below the surface. Sink into the island’s depths. Gaze up into celestial art. A treasure trove of rare vintages, hidden gems by the thousands. Vinum is the Maldives’ first underground wine cellar. Daily wine and cheese tastings enchant the palate. Degustation menus, 6 course gourmet dinners, offer pure indulgence. All in an enthralling space under suspended art installations. Reservations required.


World’s most intimate bespoke underwater dining experience eight meters beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean. Indulge in a private gastronomical experience like no other with uninterrupted views of the captivating reef.

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