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Yala Safari Camps

Yala Safari Camps
Yala Safari Camps

Why Yala Safari Camps ?

Yala National Park is mostly open parkland, making the wildlife easier to see, particularly in the December-March dry season. The landscape is varied, with rock outcrops, scrub jungle, lagoons, lakes, rivers and even beaches, and it has a rainy season from April to June (the park closes in September). Yala is one of the few places in Sri Lanka where it is relatively easy to see a leopard, either strolling beside the track or, with luck, draped elegantly in a tree. There are estimated to be around 35 leopards and 400 wild elephants, as well as wild buffalo, musk deer, mongoose, pangolins, black bears, macaques, jackals and numerous species of bird.


2-nights safari in Yala National Park during the following individual tours: Exotic Discover.

No of Rooms:

In the Know

Minimum 2-nights safari.
Rainfall at Yala is expected usually between April and June.
Pick up and drop off time from park entrance is 12.30 pm.
Children from 5 to 12yrs: 50% on adult’s rate. Below 5 years: free of charge.
Uniformed experienced, courteous & friendly staff with 10 years experience in operating movable camping.
There are 2 game drives per day. The morning safari starts from 6am till 10am. The afternoon safari is from 3pm till 6pm (for more details please read 'Game Drives' in 'Terms & Conditions').
The rates are inclusive of all national park fees, taxes and service charges.  
The camps are arranged at the border of the park.
Special lunches and dinners settings in the camp.
Special camp illuminated effects.
Personal effects like umbrellas and bathrooms slippers are provided.
Team Leader / Naturalist.


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Yala National Park
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