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Dhoni Stella: traditional boat charter in the Maldives islands

Traditional boat charter in the Maldives islands
Traditional boat charter in the Maldives islands

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The advantages of a private boat charter in the Maldives

Yacht Maldives operates Dhoni Stella 1 & 2, two traditional luxury yachts, exclusively for private boat charter in the Maldives islands. Further we also propose Over Reef, the first floating villa catamaran operating in the Maldives.
We have distinguished ourselves as worlds away from the group tours of other cruisers available in the archipelago, on board which passengers share the facilities with other tourists and follow a pre-planned program.
The exclusive guests of our charters are free to design their own cruise, according to their itinerary preferences and favorite activities; diving, surfing, snorkeling, fishing and island-hopping are among the most popular excursions.
Read more here about the cruise itineraries you can choose from or use as a base to design your own tailor-made holiday.

Enjoy your private boat charter in the Maldives by selecting one of these 4 options:

  • Book an itinerary from our 21 options, touching every atoll of the island chain. Select from our itineraries menu of touring delicacies, from live-a-board safaris to a combination of yacht and resort accommodation. 
  • Charter a la carte with or without following a pre-selected itinerary. You'd like to cruise freely and choose your destinations “a la carte”. You can board the boat from the capital, Male, or from any Maldives resort.
  • Day use is available for resorts guests looking to spend some time at sea by a private boat chater. Our yachts can be booked for private day tours.
  • Design your cruise with our online cruise planner. If you are a Maldives expert, you may wish to design your own itinerary for your next holiday in the archipelago. 
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