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Post your comments and reviews of your dhoni cruise

Post your comments and reviews of your dhoni cruise
Post your comments and reviews of your dhoni cruise

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Dhoni Stella - Cruise's Guest Book

Reviews and comments on our dhoni cruises

Claudia & Nick
Australia, January 2017

Hello Max, sorry for the delayed email... we only arrived back in Australia late on Wednesday evening and had to go straight back to work the next day. However, I wanted to thank you and your team sooo much for making our honeymoon so special and amazing as it was. The crew on Stella 2 was fantastic!!! They were sooo amazing, comforting and making it all happen. Wonderful food, great snorkel expeditions, sandbank visits, beautifully arranged bed decorations etc etc. Really, we wouldn't have wanted to miss this experience. Please pass on our thanks and gratitude to all of them, they were wonderful!!! We are so thrilled that we have found you and Yacht Maldives and will certainly tell our friends about it, as I think it is the best way to cruise around the Maldives and get to see the beauty of the islands. We will also certainly come back one day, maybe together with some friends. So we shall be in touch. Until then, thanks so much for everything! The correspondence with you was so easy and professional. Always connected and we always felt very looked after! So thank YOU!!! With best wishes from Sydney. Claudia & Nick.

Lori & Bill
Canada, May 2017

Hello Max, I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for a wonderful experience aboard Stella 1. We cannot say enough about the wonderful crew. Bill really enjoyed diving with Nasru, as he was so knowledgable and helpful with diving tips and guidance. Kuday is nothing short of amazing as he runs around like crazy, multi-tasking, all the while with a gentle smile and asking what more he could do for us. Dhodtey very confidently took us through some very rough seas and kept us safe. Saranga made us beautiful meals but fell sick the last day. I hope he is feeling better. Credit to Nasru, and his amazing chicken curry, we did not starve! We enjoyed ourselves so much we would like to come back next year. We will definitely spread the word about the wonderful time we had aboard Stella 1. Thank you so much to you and your wonderful crew! Regards. Bill and Lori.

Wendy & Family
Australia, June 2017

I would like to let you know that we had a fantastic time at Dhoni Stella 1 from 28Jun-02Jul. The crew lead by Nasru, the Captain, Kumar, and Ahmmadey were fantastic for our stay. My husband who is not a strong swimmer was assisted by Nasru all the time, he was finally able to relax and enjoy the snorkelling. I am very grateful for Nasru's help. And may I say that Kumar is the best chef. We enjoyed all his cookings. My girls think he is the best. The Captain and Ahmmadey were so good with my girls especially my youngest who had her birthday on board Dhoni Stella. They played chess with her, helped her with first time fishing (she caught 2 big fish in an hour), and she also helped with octopus hunting. They made her feel very special. Once again, thank you very much to the crew. Wendy.

Australia, December 2016

Dear Max, I wanted to email to thank you for a fabulous trip on Dhoni Stella. You have a wonderful crew all of whom were so professional and contributed to making our trip so enjoyable. Nasru's organisation was perfect and he and Ammaday ensured that we had plenty of snorkelling opportunities and had calm, scenic anchorages (and some great fish for dinner). Kumar produced a cornucopia of food every day from the tiny galley and his donuts were a real crowd pleaser. Malla was a most attentive steward and we appreciated his attention to detail and his care for our comfort. So thank you once again for a most memorable trip which far exceeded our expectations. I can only hope that we may be fortunate enough to return for a longer trip next time. With regards and thanks, Susan. 

Steen & Hanne
Denmark, December 2016

Dear Max, so we are back in Denmark again and looking back at a fantastic trip to the Maldives. We truly valued the entire experience. Great food, great staff, great weather, great snorkeling, great route planning…. basically everything. We also did a bit of fishing here and there with varied succes but always with great enthusiasm. We saw sharks, turtles in abundance, mantas, and thousands of fish. We saw beautiful islands. We have always found it difficult to come back to the Maldives because we had a great experience at Soneva Sushi five years ago. Therefore it was so great to come back to the Maldives in a truly different manner and get a truly different travel experience. All the best wishes to you and the staff on board the Dhoni Stella 2. Steen, Hanne and children. 

Jaynie, Steve, Phil and Deb
Australia, November 2016

Dear Max, greetings from paradise "on Stella 2" just a little note to say best holiday EVER !!!! THANkyou. Nasru has been amazing from the minute we meet, accomodating and so  knowledgeable re best surf spots, diving spots and private sand bars, and photographer. Malla is the best, so beautiful to have the company of, a quiet achiever who has spoilt us rotten, attention to detail is  without fault, the boat is kept so clean, our rooms/beds immaculate, the dinning room service first class quality. Have loved snorkelling with him as well. Kumar, what can we say 5 star restaurant every day... so generous and freshens delish! We all look forward to meal times! Captain Hassan tops off your fantastic crew, we have felt so happy, safe, spoilt and totally indulged in all your Stella 2 has to offer, THANkyou Max, highly recommended. Jaynie, Steve, Phil and Deb.

Jens & Family
Denmark, April 2017

We are now well back in Denmark (- 2 °C and light snow), after a great and inspiring week onboard Stella 1. Hereby some feedback as promised. It was a week filled with joy, new experiences, great company - and it certainly lived up to our expectations. We would especially like to say thanks to your hard-working and very competent crew, so please also convey our message to them. Malla, as our main point of contact, managed to make us feel comfortable at all times - but besides from this, he was also a great source of information about the Maldives. We are by nature very curious, and Malla was always ready to explain about daily life in the Maldives. We really appreciate his way with guests and his great sense of humor. We had expected that we would have to do most of the snorkeling activities on our own, and were therefore very pleased to learn that Nasru was onboard and ready to go snorkeling with us on a regular basis. He took us to snorkeling places, which we would never have found on our own, and was always happy to share his vast experience and knowledge. Great to learn about snorkeling in the Maldives from someone that experienced! In the passengers form, we asked for local dishes and fish/seafood.  And we got it! Kumar did a great job in preparing  delicious and nice-looking dishes, despite the limited space and the heat in Stella's galley. Everything presented in a nice and appealing way. And our favorites were of course the days when fresh-caught fish were available. On top of all this, a very kind, caring and trust-worthy captain, Dhotte, who managed to calm down a sometimes rather concerned Lone - when the waves got a little too big.  And who let Christian take care of the rudder at more calm times. So: A great team, with whom it was a pleasure to share Stella 1 for a week.

Malte & family
Denmark, November 2016

Dear Max, hope you are well. I owe you a big thanks for a great holiday with Stella and my family. Even though weather was literally not great, did not see the whale shark and so on – we were so well taken care off by the crew, enjoyed the few hours of sun shine, had some great dives, visited some wonderful islands and enjoyed Stella. I am sure over time that one or two friends of mine will mail you – let me know if you need recommendations. I hope we will have the opportunity to return. Please send our regards to the full team. Malte.

Veronica & Family
UK, April 2017

Hi Max, I just wanted to say again how much we all enjoyed our cruise on the Stella 2. What a beautifully fitted out boat she is and we certainly all made the most of the loungers on the top deck. The cabins were so spacious too and the bathrooms modern and very functional. The crew could not be faulted in any way - always helpful, friendly and cheerful. The meals were some of the best we had on our whole trip especially the fish fresh from the ocean. They were very attentive to our likes and dislikes - Kumar would loved to have used some salt but my sister is not able to have food with salt. We had an amusing time when he said he would normally use lots of rosemary but we had said we did not like it. The herb rosemary had been confused with my sister Rosemary! Kudar learnt how everyone liked their tea and coffees without having to be told again, and that we liked drinks at sunset - very on the ball! I really enjoyed my dive and Nasru was very reassuring for a rather inexperienced diver like me. I've left it rather late in my life to qualify! With best wishes, Veronica and family.

Rita & Family
Switzerland, April 2017

Now we are back home for 2 weeks already and the beautiful Maldives seem to be so far away again…We wanted to thank you for the great trip on Dhoni Stella, we enjoyed it very much (despite the big waves the first day…..). The boat is beautiful and the crew was amazing and professional. We were so happy to see turtels and even a nice big sting ray when snorkeling. We also loved the delicious currys and dishes the cook was preparing in that small kitchen. I tried to cook the coconut curry at home, but without the Maledivan recipe it was just not the same… Thanks again for the smooth organisation - we will definitely recommend your Yachts to our friends.. Kind regards from Switzerland. Rita.

Edouard & Ramlah
Singapore, May 2017

We can really say that it was the trip of our life. Having been to Maldives 5 times, it was by far our best experience. One aspect we truly enjoyed was the exchanges we had with the crew, we really felt they were our friends at the end of the trip and were sad to leave them ! Nasru was perfect in his leading role, always finding solutions to our problems, patient with my wife while diving and choosing easy spots for her, she gained a lot of confidence in diving and that to me is equally valuable as what we've seen. He was also very knowledgeable about all the sites we have seen (2 local islands plus Male), the history of Maldives and very friendly. Malla was also very kind, funny guy also interesting to speak with, giving a great service on board. Aju and captain, the men from the sea, were perfect in their roles too. Among others, Super nice experience to do octopus and night fishing with them, lots of fun. As for chef Kumar, maybe not as outspoken but as kind as the rest of the crew. His food was delicious (special mention to the flan we asked for it 3 times during the trip!) and he was always checking to see if everything was ok. The boat is perfect for two, enough space in the bedroom, sundeck and dining/living area. The itinerary itself was well balanced between all activities we like and we were blessed with the weather, what more can we ask? We will definitely try to be back the soonest and I may send you some customers as I have a couple of friends who were waiting for my feedback before eventually contacting you and they will definitely have a great feedback. Finally a word for Max: perfect trip manager from A to Z, always friendly, very responsive and knowledgeable. Regarding the suggestions there are not so many but: my wife was suggesting to have a kind of menu onboard.The whole week we drank instant powder coffee until my wife told Malla that they should have proper coffee and that's the only time Malla told us he could also do excellent cappucino...which was indeed excellent but we would never thought of. He told us it was on the website but same here we don't go to the website before ordering :-). For the food it would help sometimes too, because the chef was asking "what do you want to eat today?" and it was hard to answer not knowing exactly what was on board. A few games for rainy days would be great too (Uno, monopoly...you name it). I think that's all I have to say, thanks a lot for eveything. Edouard

Neil & Family
UK, December 2017
Max, what an amazing trip - great diving, incredible food and so relaxing. It’s great that from each of us from 10 years old to 50 felt it was our best ever holiday. And the small changes to the layout really add to the experience. We’re already discussing possible timings for future trips. Many thanks for all your organisation, and special thanks to each member of the crew (Stella Dhoni Family) that made the trip so special. Neil, Sacha, Misha and Luka.
Canada, December 2017
Max, we had a fabulous time aboard Stella. Thanks for giving us extra time on the last day so we could squeeze in an early morning channel dive. Despite the variable weather, we were able to do one dive a day, a night snorkel among nurse sharks, had all the time we wanted on a lovely sandbank and three good nights' sleeps. Hats off to your dedicated, very professional and fun loving crew who are so skillful in assessing the weather, high winds, currents, dive conditions and our capabilities to make this a super fun and safe journey. Stella is a beauty! The cabins are spacious, comfortable and the en-suites impeccably cleaned. A tissue box in the bedroom would have been appreciated. Fay commented about the lack of storage in the dining room, but I rather like the simple esthetics of the dining area with no clutter. Three nights gave us a sweet sampling but really too short. We want to come back for 10-14 days! Now I know why you have so many repeaters. Thanks and have a great year ahead! Cheers, Renee.
Sweden, January 2018
Hi Max, we are now back in the cold Sweden and think of Stella all the time, with the very best memories. I would like to thank you and the wonderful crew you have and we talked about what we could think that we would like to change but none of us could think of anything, all was just perfect. I am working on our pictures and I will mail some of them to you, some very nice shots of Stella 1 and the crew. Jesper
Scotland, January 2018
Maldivian paradise = to be able to swim around 4 different reefs a day! Our cruise on Dhoni Stella 2 was a great success. The cabins are spacious well organised with a good bed and pillows. The shower room modern and well designed. The food was varied, delicious Maldivian fair. I particularly appreciated the spotlessly clean kitchen and hygiene practices of the chef. The crew were all perfect, happy, helpful and discreet. I can't wait to return next year. Angelika
John & Kathy
USA, March 2018

Dear Nasru, Kuday, Kumar, and Dottey, SHUK RIYA! We want to thank you for the outstanding cruise on board the Dhoni Stella. The combination of diving, snorkelling, fishing, and visiting islands along the way made every day unique and fun. The beauty of the Maldives, the adventures fishing & diving, and great food will be fondly remembered for a long time after we return home. Many many thanks for the fishing trips and for expertly preparing the catch for us to eat! We loved seeing the whale shark, a once in a lifetime experience! All the best to each of you. Sincerely, John & Kathy. 

Switzerland, April 2018

We have been sailing for 1 week on the Dhoni Stella 1 and we found ourselves extremely well:the crew of 4 people was very cordial and always ready to meet our needs.Boat and rooms were spotless, the food was great (even the pasta cooked "al dente"), the route proposed by Max was perfect because we had the chance to spot: dolphins, mantas and the whale shark. The days passed quickly and peacefully. A standard day consisted of: breakfast, 1 hour navigation, snorkeling stop that lasted as long as we wanted, lunch, siesta, another hour's sailing and snorkeling.In the evening we went fishing and then we had dinner and eventually in bed when we were tired!A heartfelt thanks to all the crew: Dhottey (Captain), Kuday (Waiter), Nasru (Guide) and Kumar (Chef) for their kindness and professionalism, however without the perfect organization of Max we would not have gone anywhere.

USA, January 2019
OMG Max we have had the most incredible time on the Dhoni Stella. Your crew is amazing. They have attended to our every want and need. Aju is the consummate professional. I just think it is his nature. He represents your company with the highest standard. You are very lucky to have him. He was dealing with 4 old women in their 60-70 and it didn’t even phase him. Mallah has such a great personality and it was a blast getting to know him. He seemed to be everywhere on the boat.  If he wasn’t serving us a meal, or cleaning our rooms, or taking us in the small boat to accommodate our wishes, he was cleaning the boat. Amazing deck hand. Suranga was so accommodating for our meals. He cooked things that were local and he cooked things that we were familiar with from our country.  He also helped with getting 4 older ladies in and out of the small boat. Some days that was challenging for us. Hameed, the captain, at the direction of Aju, took us wherever Aju thought we could have the best experience. He also was available to help get us in and out of the boat. Your crew was amazing. They helped make our experience a once in a lifetime adventure. All in all Max, this vacation was a 10 out of 10. Thank you so much to you and your crew. We experienced things we will never see again. Deb
Daryl & Steve
USA, May 2019
Hello Max, we have finally settled in back home in California and have a minute or two to let you know we are still sharing our amazing Stella Yacht adventure with all our friends. Your yacht and crew, were exceptional. The food could not have been better. All three meals each day were different and delicious. The attitude and positive energy from each crew member aboard your boat made every day wonderful. The beautiful islands and unbelievable water speak for themselves. We argue  there may not be better islands to vacation to. I must tell you, our dive master Maullim was the best and most exceptional person we met in over 60 days of travel. He is incredibly special and we hope to see him again. We wish you all very good luck this next season and forever. Sincerely, Daryl and Steve.
Zimbabwe, February 2019
Dear Max, sitting in the departure lounge, feeling immensely content and gratified. It was sad to say farewell to our wonderful crew, but all good things come to an end. As already mentioned our meet and greet went without a hitch. All meals prepared by Suranga were absolutely superb, he is a master of curries and the diversity of the menus was an eye opener. Not only is he a very competent chef, his gentle and likeable personality equals his talent of preparing food! Under the Captainship of Hameed we felt safe at all times, he has immense knowledge of the waters, channels and atolls. Stella 2 is a beautiful boat, well built with an honest motor, the room was more spacious than any live aboard I have been on, which is well over 10. Good shower pressure and the toilet flushes easily (not always the case on boats). We wanted for nothing on board, enjoyed the sun and star deck no matter the weather. Mallah was a magician in all his skills, our room fastidiously cleaned, the good smell of Detol greeted us each morning after cleaning. A wonderful turndown each evening with the top sheet folded like I have never seen in any lodge or resort. His napkin folding is an art in itself, origami! He spoke the best English of the crew, has a very sharp sense of humour and was a fountain of information. Our wines were all well presented, no corked red wine, ice at all times of the day. Aju was immensely helpful in understanding our wishes for our snorkelling requirements, which equated to between 3 and 6 hours each day in 60 to 90 minute excursions. The reef fish were in the biggest variety and numbers of many places I have snorkelled and dived on the planet. Our highlight was eclipsed on our last full day. Until then it has been the quality of the fish and sheer numbers on the Alimatha Resort house reefs and especially the night snorkel with the nurse sharks and a bait ball of many millions of small fish, we had 24 nurse sharks all around us and the bait ball was attempting to escape them so swam through us, with about 100 ending up inside my wet suit and a few in my fins, such were the numbers. The Alimatha reef was so good I asked if we could go back there for our 3rd night which was even better than our first night there. That experience was surpassed by our arrival at Guraidhoo Island where we were greeted by dolphins frolicking between our anchor point and the breakwater/harbour wall. We swam out to them and enjoyed approx 45 minutes with over 100 Spinners. What a sight to see a wall of dolphins in front of us at various depths!, when that show was over we swam to the house reef and had another hour cruising along with the current and an excellent array of fish and a few healthy corals. The dolphin extravaganza was most unexpected and something I have fantasised about since watching Flipper as a little boy in the early 60’s! Aju waited for us patiently in the tender boat for most of our snorkels or he kept a watchful eye from the main boat. In conclusion Max I have nothing but praise for your operation and especially the staff. We look forward to returning again in a year or two. Garth
Australia, July 2019

Hi Max, Just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and the team - we had the best time. Your service prior to booking, the boat, the food, the islands/things we did were all amazing. And to top it off the crew were unbelievable - seriously the best. Thanks again to all for making it a honeymoon we’ll never forget. We really hope to come back one day soon. Cheers, Phil and Marcella. 

Berridge's Family

What is there to say that has not already been said by others? This trip has been fantastic. We have been on many liveaboards and been lucky enough to dive all over the world. This has been a revelation. The boat, food, staff, service, dive guiding and marine life have all been terrific. We are changing our plans for Christmas and planning to be back in just 6 weeks! Thank you all. Bob, Amanda, Mia & Marcus

South Africa

Just like to give you some feedback about our trip last week. Had a really great time despite the weather. You have an excellent boat and even better crew. Felt really safe with the captains judgements, and he always had us safely anchored despite the violent storms at times. Food was outstanding, chef did a great job of making sure we ate too much. Nyas and Shaneef were also great guys, and enthusiastic fishermen! We didn't get the chance to fish as much as we'd liked, partly because there was quite a bit of surf, and partly cos of the storms every afternoon. Thanks again for all the help with the last minute arrangements, as well as the surf forecasts. We'll definitely be back next year!! Hopefully more around March/April/May, when we can get sunnier weather and less wind!! Kerry.

Ersilia's Family

Le spiagge e il mare sono senz'altro incantevoli, ma di questo viaggio porteremo a casa il piacevolissimo ricordo di una straordinaria accoglienza da parte di tutto l'equipaggio del Dhoni Stella. Difficile indicare qualcuno in particolare: il capitano Hameedh, che con discrezione ha scelto per noi tranquilli ancoraggi per la notte e splendide e dorate isole deserte per il giorno; il cuoco Ali, che ogni giorno ci ha piacevolmente sorpresi con piatti sempre diversi costringendoci spesso a 'bissare'; il marinaio Shareef, che con pazienza e cortesia ci ha accompagnato nelle nostre uscite di snorkeling; infine, ma non ultimo, lo steward Nasru, che con cordialità e disponibilità ci ha coccolato per tutta la settimana. Un ricordo e una menzione anche per l'armatore, Max, che ha pensato e realizzato una barca comoda ed accogliente, nonchè scelto e diretto un team veramente affiatato che trasmette all'ospite in ogni momento un senso di sicurezza e di comfort. Alla prossima! Ersilia, Giorgio, Edoarda e Ausano.

Antonella & Andrea

Se con un'immagine dovessimo sintetizzare il piacere e la meraviglia provata durante tutto il nostro soggiorno sul Dhoni Stella, descriveremmo questo: il buio assoluto di un'immersione notturna, le nostre mani in movimento... milioni di stelline danzanti che corrono in superficie ed ecco che in alto nel cielo le ritroviamo tutte come un prezioso ricamo in un manto di velluto di seta nero. Tutto questo per noi e' meraviglioso e magico come meraviglioso e magico e' stare su questa barca con il suo splendido equipaggio. L'accoglienza sempre puntuale, calda e allegra di Nyaz, le golosita' del cuoco Kumara, la prudenza ed esperienza del capitano Hameedh, la meticolosita' e calma di Shaneef, la quiete e la professionalita' del divemaster Jaalal, e quanto a Max... semplicemente sempre speciale. Grazie a tutti per tutto. Non e'la nostra prima volta a bordo di Dhoni Stella 2, ma ogni attimo e' magico e speciale, sempre nuovo e rinnovato. Questa e' la nostra casa e famiglia maldiviana. Partendo, forse non piangeremo, perche' siamo sicuri di tornare certamente e vi porteremo sempre nelle parti piu' preziose del nostro cuore. Andrea e Antonella.

Maria Rosa

La settimana su “Dhoni Stella 2” è stata incantevole, peccato solo per il maltempo degli ultimi 2 giorni! La prego di ringraziare tutti i suoi collaboratori (ALI, NIAZ, KUMARU, NIAL) che sono sempre stati gentilissimi, attenti, professionali: ci hanno trattati da re! Kumaru ci ha deliziati con la sua ottima cucina, Ali è stato un perfetto capitano e, grazie a lui, ho visto in tutta sicurezza dei paradisi immersi nelle splendide acque delle Maldive. Niaz è stato oltre che ad un ottimo “maggiordomo”, anche un bravissimo compagno di pesca per mio marito. Nial è sempre stato pronto alle manovre! La barca è molto bella e confortevole, oltre che ad essere sicura per la navigazione. Siamo sempre stati molto bene. Non abbiamo suggerimenti da darvi: continuate così! Maria Rosa


Vi scrivo per ringraziarvi delle splendide settimane che abbiamo trascorso. Questa per me non è stata soltanto una semplice vacanza ma un'esperienza che ha saputo trasmettermi una passione nuova e profonda per quel mondo così vasto e meraviglioso con il quale per la prima volta mi sono trovata davvero in sintonia, provando un raro e intenso senso di pace e ammirazione. E' stato bello sentirsi fondere senza più timore o disagio in quel tripudio di colori e in quell'esplosione di vita che rendono così ricco e affascinante il mondo del mare. Laura

Phil & Sue

Hi Max, Sue and I are now back in England reflecting on the fantastic time we had in the Maldives on board Dhoni Stella II and thought we would drop you a short note to express our appreciation. We had an absolutely wonderful time. We would like you to thank all of the crew on our behalf; they were truly great. Nothing was too much trouble, they were very accommodating and friendly. The diving instructor, Rafil, is a very special person and we immediately bonded with him, given his personality and the fact that he had spent a couple of years living in the North West of England close to Pete and Helen’s home and to where I originate from too. Once again thank you very much for an amazing and unforgettable trip. Phil & Sue.

Dave & Tania

My wife Tania and I recently had the pleasure of a cruise aboard the Dhoni Stella 2. I thought we should write with some feedback about the experience. Our time aboard was fantastic, the vessel, amenity, food  and crew were all above expectation. Max's ability to cater for us at short notice and arrange the vessel and diving instructor was much appreciated. The crew were fantastic, great characters, excellent at their roles and genuinely nice people. Food was excellent, possibly too abundant if I was to consult my waistline. Areef catered to all our needs and provided great variety. Ahmed provided great service in every aspect, not only as a porter but skippering the tender vessel, dive prep and setting anchor, his attention to detail was impressive. Barry (Hameed) was a competent captain that knows his job well and we felt at ease with his skippering. The dive component really exceeded our expectations. Rafil was great, full of information and knowledge that made the most of all the diving and snorkeling experiences. His tuition was informative and his planning and execution of the dives ensured we saw as much as possible in the short time.  Our visit to a local island and Male with Rafil were really enjoyable and informative. Overall we could not have asked for a nicer experience, not being bound to an island and having access to multiple destinations while in complete comfort really made our holiday far beyond what a resort stay would have been. The crew were fantastic and one of the main reasons we enjoyed our time, the service was excellent but not intrusive. The booking process and correspondence from Max was punctual and accurate. As I stated above the boat and amenity was excellent. Congratulations to you for running a really good operation. 

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